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How to Build a Backyard Deck

Posted on 28 March 2019 by admin (0)

What can be better than a deck beside your home where you can sit every evening with a cup of coffee and take all the tiredness out of yourself. The floor is an easy thing to build yourself, and you won’t need anyone to help you while you make the deck for yourself. Here are a few tips which will surely help when building a bridge in the backyard of your house.


  • Don’t forget to clear the ground from any previous flooring that is completed already, like concrete flooring. Concrete flooring will not allow the frame of the deck to settle down well which in turn will make your deck shaky. Remove the concrete floor if any of this will make your deck more stable and durable because the base of the bridge is installed directly into the ground.


  • Use quick setting concrete in the deck footing. Deck footings are installed to make your deck stable. Dig a hole in the ground which is enough to support the pole to stand on its own. Fill the gaps with quick settling concrete which will make it a quick matter and save your time.


  • Use a 2×6 beam for the deck frame. 2×6 fits the best for the cause. The settings make it more stable and durable. Make the outer and inner both with the same size as the beam for better fittings. Make sure that all the poles leveled adequately.


  • Install the deck joists perpendicular to the rear deck floor joists are one of the most critical parts of the deck as the gram support the beams and joists support the frame. The leveling of the beams will matter very much when it comes to floor quality of the deck hence take proper care of the leveling.


  • Use same sized deck flooring boards for the floor for a better-looking deck which will add to the beauty of the bridge.